A company focused on delivering innovative products and service.

We boast a wide network of distribution in Europe in partnership with some of the most important market players.

Our Mission aims to bring every patient to the “State of No Pain“.

The MEDINAT Core Business focuses on four major areas of expertise, namely Neuroscience (Neurosurgery, Interventional Radiology, DBS, Neurology, etc.) Pain (embracing the greatest variety of pain treatments), Oncology and Surgery. Maxillo Facial, Orthopedics and Neurovascular then complement the range of services offered, providing the best in class support in partnership with some of the most important market players.

Products and service.

  • Project Financing;
  • Monitoring and technical support 24/7;
  • Customized products and procedural kits;
  • Available staff for every assistence.

The I-Frequency is a complete kit dedicated to some specific kinds of radiofrequency, realized by our company to satisfy each professional demand, in specific and differentiated solutions.

Capability Statement


Core Competencies

MEDINAT has mainly focused on two major areas of expertise, such as Pain Therapy and Neurosurgery, offering furthermore the best solutions for the following sectors: Neurosurgery; Pain therapy: Neurostimolation (Skull-Spine) Radiofrequency Infusion therapy Neurovascular Maxillo facial Orthopedics Surgery


MEDINAT strategy lies in the sensitivity and the experience of our employees who are always able to provide assistance and a high level of accuracy giving us a competitive edge over other industry competitors, ensuring the best fit for the customer’s requirements. Personnel dedicated to the Federal Business High quality products and services Assistance and availability Proactive staff Continuous updating and training State of the art technologies

Company Data

Company Data

DUNS NUMBER: 434731753 NCAGE CODE: AP015 NAICS CODE: 423450; 423460; 339112; 339113; 339115; 315280; 334510; 334516; Employees: ~20 Govt Business POC: international@medinat.it – ISO 9001

Past performance

Company Data

Contract Award Number: W9114F-18-P-0016
Data Award Number: 01-MAR-2018
Issued by: W40M RHCO USAHCA EUROPE CMR 402 APO, 09180
United States of America (THE)

Building up the future with the right people.

MEDINAT is continuously working to improve the employee’s sensitivity and experience requirements, which, with the right precision, will always be available for every assistance, thus offering unmatched benefits in the vast medical market.

Our Partners

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