Innovative solutions for pain therapy treatments

Thanks to the commitment and experience gained over the past decades, Medinat is able to offer innovative solutions for the treatment of pain and movement disorders.

Pain therapy helps thousands of people every day who are hopeful to return to a better life.

Our Custom Solutions

I-Frequency KIT

Radiofrequency is a minimally invasive treatment that represents an effective alternative to surgery and drug treatments, often accompanied by side effects.

The I.FREQUENCY kit is dedicated to the treatment of chronic pain with bipolar radiofrequency.

I-Intensity KIT

The I INTENSITY kit is dedicated to the symptomatic treatment of chronic peripheral neuropathic pain, even in areas affected by allodynia and hyperalgesia, resistant to conventional therapies, by means of electrode/probe for PENS Therapy. 

Neuromodulation line by Abbott

Medinat works alongside Abbott in the distribution of solutions dedicated to pain therapy treatments in southern Italy.

Abbott’s Neuromodulation line treats chronic pain and movement disorders through innovation, clinical leadership and technological updating with the aim of improving patients’ quality of life.

These chronic pain therapies can help people become active and productive again, while reducing healthcare costs and dependence on drug therapies

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