Chemfort™ - Bag Adaptor SP

Bag Adaptor SP

The Chemfort™ Bag Adaptor SP (Spike Port) is PVC-free and firmly connects between a standard IV bag or semi rigid container and any (gravity or pump) IV administration set.

A safe drug transfer from the syringe into the IV bag or semi rigid container is installed through a closed connection with the Chemfort™ Syringe Adaptor/Syringe Adaptor Lock.

The Bag Adaptor SP enables simple dilution of the drug, and a safe drug transfer from a syringe to the IV container simply by clicking a Syringe Adaptor (SA) / Syringe Adaptor Lock (SAL) to the Bag Adaptor SP’s side port.

The bag adaptor design ensures ease of use and fits all common bags / bottles.

The side port is used to add drugs safely. For administration connect an administration set to the end of the Bag Adapter SP.

Matches Standard IV Bags

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