Chemfort™ - Luer Lock Adaptor

Luer Lock Adaptor​

The Chemfort™ Luer Lock Adaptor is PVC-free and converts any standard female luer lock port (e.g. patient access port) to a safe and closed Chemfort™ connection.

Any IV line or syringe which is connected to a Chemfort™ Syringe Adaptor/Syringe Adaptor Lock should be connected to the Luer Lock Adaptor to achieve a closed administration, by either drip or push protocol.

This prevents healthcare professional and patients from exposure to hazardous drugs substances upon disconnection.

Small but essntial

The Luer Lock Adaptor can also be used for the preparation of luer lock bags, elastomeric pumps and medication cassette reservoirs for an ambulatory infusion pump.

During attachment the “click” sound indicates a safe connection and a simple pinch on the SA/SAL wings will disconnect them safely.

The self-sealing elastomers prevent hazardous drug leakage and droplet formation on the outer septa surfaces.

Chemfort™ - Drug Administration using a Luer Lock Adaptor and a Syringe Adaptor

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